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School Counselors

Few mentors have a greater ability to help students plan for life after high school than school counselors and community organizations. At EKU, we recognize the importance of your role. On this page, you will find information about EKU you can pass onto your students, as well as workshops and resources for you.

Join us for a School Counselor Visit

Our School Counselor campus visits last approximately 1.5 hours and include an information session delivered by Admissions as well as a guided walking tour led by a current EKU student.

Contact us for Information about School Counselor visits


Things to Know About EKU

Applications are now open!

Your student will need an official high school transcript. Test scores will not be used for admissions decisions for incoming freshmen; however, test scores are highly encourage to determine appropriate course placement. We accept test scores posted on official high school transcripts.

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Affordable Tuition

Student Type Per Semester
Full-Time Kentucky Students $4,633
Full-Time Out-of-State Students (*See note below) $9,669


*All undergraduates from any U.S. state entering EKU in the fall of 2021 are eligible for the Out-of-State Discount Program of $5,150 per semester ($10,300 per year). When combined with EKU's affordable housing rates and meal plans, the total cost of attendance is lower than many schools in a student's home state, allowing a student to pay less for an educational experience that is second-to-none.

International students please see the International Admissions page.


Freshman Admissions Standards

Below are the standards for admission to the university as a first-time freshman:

Standard Admission: High School Cumulative GPA (unweighted): 2.50 or higher

Success First Admission: High School Cumulative GPA (unweighted): 2.00-2.49

*All students must have a minimum high school GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. While test scores are not required for admissions purposes, students are encouraged to submit test scores for proper course placement in English and mathematics courses. 



Freshman Merit scholarships are awarded to students that meet the criteria and are accepted for the summer or fall term by February 1st.  No application needed.  Foundation and specialty scholarships have applicaitons. Students must be accepted to complete the applications.

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